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This portrait is a celebration of women.
Women from all walks of life; we are walking the journey together.
Women with passion, strength and dignity, we celebrate you.
This is for those who stay loyal to their beliefs, morals and values.
This is for those who will speak out, even when they are afraid.
This is for those who run through open doors, doors that were once closed to them. 
Woman occupy many roles in our society, each one of value and worth. The loving mother; the politician; the activist; the actor; the author; the artist; the teacher; the scientist. All women should recognise their worth, whatever their role or status. We are proud of our roles but they do not define us.
Now, in each small step of our journey, we walk together as women of worth.

this  is all my own poetic words .. this is very close to my heart . 

Written by Carol  Anne 


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